Alice Unfettered IPA - 6.5%

Herbal, fruity, and perhaps a little pointy, Alice Unfettered is the result of letting hops run free. A wonderful floral nose precedes pine and citrus flavors and a bracing hop bitterness, all of which is wrapped up in a complex malt bill that both cushions and enhances the hops. This multifaceted IPA has amazing depth and complexity owing to numerous hop additions including local, organically grown whole cone hops from New Mission Organics in Omena. Plenty of depth, flavor and bitterness combined with an easy to manage ABV means Alice will appeal to hop lovers of all varieties.

America Pale Ale 4.8%

The America Pale Ale used to be brewed for 3 Northern Michigan restaurants nearly 20 years ago at Traverse Brewing and it's back! It's a lovely crisp and clean American Pale Ale w/ a tiny bit of hops in the finish and was designed to go great with all kinds of different foods like, spicy hot, smoky BBQ, crisp salads, seafood, deserts, fruits & veggies and everything in between.

Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter - 5.3%

Rich porter brewed with chocolate malt, Dutch chocolate and ancho chilies. There's a special magic that happens between chilies and chocolate that was first utilized in ancient Latin America and still weaves its spell today. Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter showcases the perfect balance of chili flavor and warmth combined with dark chocolate. This is not a hot pepper beer – The warmth from the chilies builds slowly, enhancing the character of the beer without becoming dominant. Far from being a novelty beer, the richness of chocolate malts and Dutch cocoa combined with the deep, smoky flavor imparted by whole Ancho chilies while the beer is conditioning will keep you coming back for more.

Barrel-aged Maple Cherry Potion #75 - 7.6%

Barrel aged, locally sourced Michigan deliciousness! Local cherries, maple syrup, hops and wheat blended together in a copper-colored ale, then aged in bourbon barrels from Traverse City Whiskey Co. Brewed for the Grand Traverse Conservation District to mark their 75th anniversary using ingredients from King Orchards, Fresh Roots Organic Growers, Out of the Woods Farm Maple Products, and Grand Traverse Culinary Oils. Plenty of bourbon and oak offset by maple and light cherry notes.

Batch 500 IPA - 7.3%

The Batch is is back, and it's chock full of local hop goodness! A big, complex, well-balanced IPA with a bold hop character that isn't overpowering. This beer has an extensive malt bill and multiple hop additions, including local hops from Fresh Roots Organic Growers. Surprisingly easy drinking, the considerable alcohol content takes a back seat to the broad flavor profile. Batch 500 was brewmaster John Niedermaier's first solo commercial recipe, first brewed back in 1999.

Beaujolais IPA - 6.0%

Fruity, hoppy citrus derived from lots of hop varieties. Big nose and a light, bitter finish.

The Beaujolais coast in France is home to limestone escarpments and fertile soil that is the basis of a world-famous red wine industry. The well-known Beajolais Nouveau is released quickly after a very brief fermentation resulting in a young, simple wine that is refreshing, easy to drink, and celebrates the start of the harvest season. Brewery Terra Firma's Beuajolais IPA is a nod to our own flourishing local wine industry, and while we won't be harvesting wine grapes off the vine here on the farm, we will be harvesting hops off the bine. Santé!

Black Bikini Coconut Porter - 5.0%

Coconut aroma and flavor infuse this light bodied porter. Brewed with fresh, whole coconut (no extracts here, thank you very much) and balanced against a carefully selected blend of chocolate malts and hops to offset the sweetness. Like all of Brewmaster John Niedermaier's creations, this brew is all about depth, complexity and balance, the coconut accenting the character of the porter base without overwhelming it.  

Black Orchid Vanilla Bean Porter - 6.4%

Rich and decadent chocolate porter laid down over Madagascar vanilla beans. A variety of spices and malts form the base of this sumptuous porter. Accenting the rich body of the brew is the fruit of the vanilla planifolia vine, the vanilla bean. Whole vanilla beans are used, not extracts or flavorings, and the flavor is allowed to infuse the beer naturally over a long period of time. The result is a smooth vanilla flavor and slight aroma, the perfect counterpoint to the chocolate notes.

Blackberries In Space! - 4.6%

Open Space Session IPA infused with whole, fresh Blackberries! Open Space Session IPA run through and infuser of fresh, juicy blackberries. These berries have a tart, almost citrus-like flavor profile that makes them perfect for complimenting and enhancing the hop flavors present in Open Space. The berries are subtle, adding to instead of overpowering the base beer, insuring a clean, satisfying finish. This ain't fruit punch!

Brown Donkey Smasher - 9.0%

Big, strong and brown with a kick of hops in the finish. This double brown ale has a HUGE malt and hop bill resulting in a big, balanced, ale that's surprisingly smooth and clean. A note of caution - There's no bite or burn from the significant alcohol content, so this donkey has been known to sneak up on people all ninja-like and cause trouble.

Bruni The Questionable - 8.5%

Double Brown Ale conditioned in TC Whiskey Company bourbon barrels. This assertive American style double brown ale is deep mahogany in color and is a firm, clean, complex representation of the style with malt, caramel and nutty notes. Barrel aging in Traverse City Whiskey Company Bourbon barrels adds even more depth and body. Big and balanced, not just booze and bourbon, Bruno is a big bear of a beer wrapped up in a fuzzy blanket.

Bugtussle Honey Wheat Stout - 6.3%

Local wheat, honey and hops in a unique, light-bodied stout. 100% Michigan-grown wheat makes up the base of this light bodied, easy drinking stout. Honey from our hives here on the farm and local hops from Fresh Roots Organics in Leelanau County contribute to this unique brew that features chocolate, mild roast, and spicy hops in the finish.

Cagney Grapefruit IPA - 5.5%

Named after one of Johns favorite actors, James Cagney and his famous role in The Public Enemy. This brew was carefully crafted with single ingredient grapefruit juice and a blend of select hops.

Cask Conditioned Manitou Island Hopper - 5.7%

Hopped up Manitou on the beer engine! Manitou Amber Ale conditioned with a blend of local whole cone hops from Fresh Roots Organic Growers. Hand pulled and served at cellar temperature, the flavor and aroma bloom beautifully, bringing a unique twist to this Northern Michigan classic. Available ONLY in our taproom, no to-go fills, please.

Chairperson Chocolate Espresso Oatmeal Stout - 8.5%

We teamed up with our good friends at Higher Grounds Trading Company and brewed something special for the holiday season! The Chairperson is big and strong with notes of caramel, chocolate, roast and Mayan Magic Espresso! Stop in and taste this wonderful brew before it is gone!

Cherry Festive Ale - 7.5%

Aged in T.C. Whiskey Co. barrels! Cherry Festive Ale is a beautiful malt and fruit ballet featuring local cherries from King Orchards in Kewadin. This beer was designed specifically to mingle with the fruit and not be overwhelmed by it, weaving a flavor profile that allows both the malt and cherries to have their day in the sun. Then we thought we'd go a couple of steps further and lay it down on Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans and age it in Traverse City Whiskey Co. Bourbon Barrels. The end result is a warm, comforting and complex barrel aged brew worthy of our local city wide party we call The National Cherry Festival. Enjoy!

Cherry Queen Barrel-Aged Cherry Ale - 5.8%

Whole cherries and vanilla beans aged in local port wine casks! Cherry Queen combines two Northern Michigan harvests by brewing with local cherries, then conditioning the beer in Sirius Cherry Port casks from Black Star Farms. Bright mahogany in color with sparkling highlights of red, amber and copper reflecting the flavors of chocolate, caramel and the juicy cherries from King Orchards that blossom from the very first sip, while the port wine reveals itself in the finish. Enjoy this rare release with your favorite chocolates or by simply relaxing and taking in one of our magnificent Michigan sunsets.

Chocolate Orange Stout - 6.3%

Subtle orange flavor grounded by a substantial chocolate base with a hint of roast malt in the finish. The underlying citrus in this stout comes from two separate additions of whole orange peel during the brewing process, providing vibrant orange flavor without adding sweetness to the flavor profile. A complex malt and hop bill provide depth and complexity without too much heaviness. A great year round stout!

Copper Grasshopper ESB - 5.0%

Wonderful balance of malt and hops in this American-style extra special bitter. Makes for smiling taste buds. Copper Grasshopper was conceived while John was relaxing during a stay at the Inn at Black Star Farms. Our hero had retired to one of the many scenic, secluded spots at Black Star and was pondering new flavor profiles. As he sat, a dusty, copper-colored grasshopper landed on John's knee and settled in for a rather lengthy stay. The color of the critter set John to thinking of a nice, copper-hued beer, and of course it would have to be hoppy. Voila. Inspiration comes from everywhere.


Earth Day Triple IPA - 8.0%

Hops, hops and more hops. Our most intense IPA to date, Earth Day is brewed with five hop varieties, including local whole cone hops, introduced in seven separate additions. IPA fans will love the prevalent piney citrus notes, lingering bitterness and massive hop nose.

Essence Amber Ale - 5.4%

Very limited availability. Amber ale with tons of depth and complexity from coriander and seville orange peel. Hints of fruit and malt and spice with very subtle hops notes. Brewed for the Thrasher Restaurant Group to serve at their four locations in Muskegon.

Ethel The Frog ESB - 5.5%

Extra Special Bitter with pronounced hop flavor. Malt and caramel body with a wonderful hop "Flying Circus" mouth feel. True to the Extra Special Bitter style, Ethel The Frog is brewed using rich, flavorful malts that provide a substantial, smooth bodied beer. Ethel then veers to the left just a bit and deviates from the style slightly by using non-traditional hop varieties. The use of these hops provides the beer with more up-front hop aroma and flavor, as well as subtly enhanced bitterness in the finish. Named after a somewhat obscure Monty Python skit.

Four Leaf Stout - 4.3%

This is truly an easy drinking stout. It's well rounded, chocolatey flavors provide a full bodied beer that can be drank all day. At 4.3% ABVs you still get the robustness of a stout without the fullness that can come with it. Great to mix with our Barley Wine for a black & tan. Perfect for cooking with too. Have in on regular tap or nitro!

Fuzzier Farmer Imperial IPA - 10%

This Imperial IPA is an amplified version of our Fuzzy Farmer, at 10% be careful with this one.

Fuzzy Farmer 8 Day IPA

 We brewed this beer w/o a recipe or plan of any kind. We call that a “scratch batch”. It’s designed on the fly in real time. Using malt from Great Lakes Malting Company just around the corner. We brewed it on a Friday and tapped it on the following Friday! It’s citrus-y and hoppy and wonderful. Grain to glass in 8 Days! Farmers work harder!

Gigi Chocolate Orange Stout- 6.6%  

We brew this unique and luscious beer with fresh orange zest, single ingredient juice and a careful blend of dark chocolate malts so that the juicy flavor and delicate aroma of fresh oranges wafts from your glass.  Savor it slowly and relax.

Gladstone APA - 5.9%

Unfiltered American style Pale Ale, featuring all local hops. While the market is saturated with pale ales, Gladstone's unique character allows the hops to provide a spicy, satisfying palate cleansing finish, while still allowing the underlying malts to provide the foundation. This go-to pale ale also has the distinction of being brewed with 100% locally grown hops. Gladstone pairs with many foods including spicy grill smoked ribs, bratwurst, Thai or even just a simple salad. Named after a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Hallow-Giving Honey Oatmeal Pumpkin Ale - 6.3%

Local pumpkins and honey in a clean pumpkin ale. The 3rd in our Harvest Ale release series, Hallow~Giving is brewed using real pumpkins from our fields as well as some from our neighbors down at the Robbins Family Farm. Honey from our hives along with a carefully crafted blend of spices creates a unique pumpkin ale that is not just another pumpkin-pie-in-a-glass beer. Smooth and satisfying spices with underlying honey. Enjoy!

Hearthside Cinnamon Vanilla Bourbon Stout - 7.0%

Aged in TC Whiskey Company bourbon barrels. Smooth, rich and creamy full bodied stout laid down on whole Madagascar vanilla beans and cinnamon sticks for an extended conditioning period. Then, when the flavors are at their peak and perfectly balanced, we transfer this wintery stout to Traverse City Whiskey Company Bourbon barrels to enhance the flavor with subtle bourbon and oak notes. The end result will make you wish winter lasted all year round.

Hoodwink Orange Marmalade Wheat - 6.7%

Brewed with real orange marmalade and sour orange peel. Light-bodied yet full-flavored American style wheat beer. Slight orange in the nose and a light, tangy orange finish makes Hoodwink a tasty and refreshing beer.

Hopping Chicken Harvest - 6.5%

Hopping Chicken features hops from our farm! Brewed with whole-cone hops harvested from our farm, this sumptuous, chestnut-hued beer is perfect for transitioning into fall. Comfortable, medium body with slight hints of toasty bread, chocolate and caramel, Hopping Chicken was made for crisp autumn days and nights. The warm, rich malt flavors give way to subtle but solid hops,  providing a clean, satisfying finish.

Fuzzier Farmer Imperial IPA- 10% - Premium

Amplified Fuzzy Farmer, that we all loved, this farmer is a 10% Imperial IPA. It’s loaded with deep fruity, citrusy hops and a big malt body, Be Careful.

Indigenous Wet Hop Rye IPA - 6.7%

Hops harvested from our farm and walked right into the brewhouse! Fun With Hops 101. Juicy fruit, citrus and small piney notes leap from the glass. Multitudes of multifaceted fresh hops twirl and eddy and finish with a firm and balanced foundation of bitterness while the malt and rye provide the spicy base. Multiple varieties of whole cone hops from our hop yard were hand picked and walked right into the brewhouse for use in this special Harvest Ale.

InfiniBee Honey Blonde Ale - 5.3%

A perennial favorite, InfiniBee is brewed with honey harvested from our hives here on the farm at the end of the 2018 season. Light, crisp, and flavorful with subtle honey aroma and just a touch of sweetness, the depth of flavor present in this deceivingly pale and bright ale will surprise you. The balanced addition of brisk hops assures a clean, thirst-quenching and satisfying finish. Now available to buy in house, four pint size cans for $10.00.

Jazz Devil Belgian Dubbel - 6.7%

 Jazz Devil Belgian Dubbel is brewed with raisins and 100% Michigan grown and malted barley. Savor it slowly.

John Henry Stout - 6.2%

Rock-solid award winning stout. Developed in the mid 90's by John Henry Archiable (you probably know him as Jack, or possibly "The Old Man") and brewed by Traverse Brewing Company, this Oatmeal Stout has won multiple Gold Medals over the years at events such as the World Expo of Beer in Frankenmuth. Twenty years later, it's still a winner with its big, roasty flavor and underlying chocolate balance. The wonderful hop profile comes from the symmetry of 5 hop additions including whole cone. Traverse Brewing Company was the first brewery in the region since 1920 and John Henry Stout is our tribute to the man who sparked the brewing revival in the Grand Traverse region. Well done Old Man.

KaiAndy - 5%

This perfectly sweet summer cider includes 6 apple variations providing it with a fruity complexity with ginger undertones. Our juice for this cider comes from Pux Cidery where they source their apples from their 160 year old family farm. Renamed 988 during National Suicide Prevention Week. We wish to bring awareness to the hotline anyone can call at anytime when in crisis.

Karma Palace IPA - 5.7%

Aromatic, easy going and satisfying beer. Five soft, intricate hops prevail without the bother of all that bitterness. Named in memory of the abode of a group of theatrical geniuses that existed in Traverse City in the 1980's.

Little Honey Ale - 5.0%

Brewed with buckwheat honey from the Brewery Terra Firma farm. Featuring malted barley, oats, coriander, and buckwheat honey from our farm, this bright, clean ale is a sunny antidote to the winter blues. This beer was created specially for our brewer's dear mother (a.k.a. "Little Honey") for her birthday and named by her doting husband (a.k.a. "Big Honey"). Happy birthday Karen, and thanks for raising such a talented, creative kid - We know it couldn't have been easy.

Little Italy Honey Basil Ale - 5.0%

This beer is another fine example of a culinary inspired creation from Brewmaster John Niedermaier. Produced with honey from our hives here on the farm and a blend of Terra Firma and California sweet basil. Brewed with our honey along with a blend of Terra Firma grown and California sweet basil. This beer presents beautifully with a rich, golden hue and bright, white, creamy head. The experience continues with delightful aromas from basil and honey which transfer to the palate then fade gracefully leaving a nice, clean finish.

Lizard King IPA Noir - 6.7%

Chocolaty black IPA with a complex mixture of hops registering on the palate and in the nose. Our nod to Jim Morrison. While there are plenty of black IPA's on the market, there isn't one that stands out as having a flavor profile that sets it apart from any other IPA. John's take on the black IPA moves beyond color alone and imparts the beer with a deep chocolate flavor, yet still keeps hops in the forefront. Complex and balanced, Lizard King offers up everything that a black IPA should.

Magnum Hospitality Double IPA - 8.0%

Winner of the first Traverse City IPA Challenge! Magnum is not for the squeamish nor the weak of palate. As the name suggests Magnum Hospitality is intensely hoppy and brewed for those who can't get enough hops. Hops, hops and more hops flourish, citrusy and piney with a massive floral nose, and a dry finish without palate-obliterating bitterness. This IPA requires an insane amount of hops to produce, we don't make much, and we don't brew it often, so get your fix while it lasts.

Man In Black American Oatmeal Stout - 7.0%

Malty with balanced, chocolate body. Man In Black is a classic American Stout with a malty, balanced, chocolate body. Rich and smooth with mild roast character, “The Man” is a laid back, easy drinker. Our tribute to American music legend Johnny Cash.

Manitou Amber Ale - 5.7%

Unfiltered American Amber Ale. Manitou has a rich, soft malt body, beautiful deep amber color and finishes with a bouquet of whole cone hops. Manitou was at one time one of Michigan's most widely recognized microbrewed brands. Originally produced by Traverse Brewing Company in Williamsburg Michigan, Manitou is now brewed in Traverse City, on the same equipment, with the original recipe by the same brewer. One of our flagship brews, you can find this beer at on draft and in 16 oz cans throughout our distribution area.

Manitou Island Hopper - 5.7%

Classic Manitou Amber Ale all hopped up on "Sirrine Sensemilla" whole cone hops. Island Hopper is a very special version of our Manitou Amber Ale featuring more intense hop character overlying the classic Manitou malt body. The Spring 2015 Edition features rare, locally grown “Sirrine Sinsemilla” whole cone hops, a wild hop variety cultivated by Dr. Rob Sirrine, Michigan State University Extension Hop Specialist, based in Leelanau County. A robust, malty, amber body is offset by forward citrus and pine notes, culminating in a dry, clean finish with a slight lingering bitterness.

Mead - Crinkled Smith Apple Cinnamon Cyser - 5.0%

Produced with local apples and local honey from Cherry Bee in Williamsburg. Brew mead with some apples along with the honey and it magically becomes Cyser! Blend in the perfect amount of cinnamon and you have Crinkled Smith, the first John Niedermaier offering under our Small Winemakers License. Still and bright, Granny Smith apples and cinnamon offset some of the sweetness of the mead. No to-go fills.

Nitrogen Dispensed Black Bikini - 5.0%

Rich, creamy chocolate with warm, subtle coconut, all nitrogenated up. Yum. This beer is a perfect candidate for nitrogen pours. The flavor and aroma of the real coconut are subtly enhanced, and that smooth mouthfeel that nitro brings melts the chocolate on your tongue. This one is going fast, and there's only one keg, so don't delay!

Nitrogen Dispensed Soul Butter- 8.0%

Smooth like butter—No, like whipped, fluffy, creamy butter! So we all know Soul Butter is amazing. Big, rich hop flavor and aroma balanced against a huge malt bill. Now take that flavor, soften the edges just a touch, and put a thick, creamy head on top. Fabulous.

Old Ferret Legger - 8.7%

Big and malty with plenty of character. Old Ferret Legger is a rich, coppery-brown color with a clean malt body and pleasant hop flavor finish. A subtle hint of caramel in the malt rounds out this hearty brew and softens the alcohol edge on this big beer. At 8.7%, it's the ideal choice for those involved in Ferret Legging, a sport that involves placing one or more live ferrets in your trousers (no underwear allowed), then tying the legs and waist of said trousers tight to prevent their escape. Seriously, this is an actual sport.

Old Mission Lighthouse Ale - 5.0%

 A Traverse Brewing classic! A lovely balanced pale ale with "a double dip of cascade hops" including local, organic whole cone from New Mission Organics in Omena. Welcome back OMLA!

Once Upon Tyne Brown Ale - 5.3%

Balanced, nutty, easy American brown ale. Named after the Newcastle Tyne brewery (located on the Tyne River), birthplace of Newcastle Brown Ale. Newcastle Upon Tyne has a long history of brewing, with the Newcastle Breweries dating back to the mid 1800's. Newcastle Brown Ale was an instant success when it debuted in 1927, it being so popular that the day after its release the local police force begged the brewery to reduce its strength as all the jail cells were full. At 5.3 abv, our brown ale likely won't overrun the local lockup, but the balanced, nutty character is a perfect example of what makes brown ales so popular.

Open Space Session IPA - 4.6%

Light on body and alcohol content, yet full of flavor and character. Bracing hop bitterness balances with light malty tones to create a quenching, satisfying and very session-able IPA. Wonderfully balanced citrus and pine hop flavor, in no short supply, will keep you happy – or should we say hoppy. We love our Open Space here in Traverse City and now you can love it, too, wherever you are.

Orange Orchid Infusion - 6.4%

Current Pour For More tap. Black Orchid Vanilla Porter infused with fresh oranges. Our delicious Black Orchid Vanilla Porter run through and infuser of fresh orange slices. Orange Orchid is our current “Pour For More” feature, meaning that $1 from every pint will go to a local non-profit organization. You can learn more about Pour For More and the non-profits they support at

Penny Dreadful Black Ale - 6.8%

Brewed for Halloween. Penny Dreadful is a malty full bodied amber ale cloaked in black malts producing a wicked tasty black ale. The name of the beer comes from 19th century Britain where short, often lurid, fictional tales were printed on cheap paper and sold for a penny. The character Sweeny Todd made his debut in an 1846 Penny Dreadful titled The String of Pearls.

Pipes & Drums Scotch Ale - 8.0%

Brewed with peat-smoked distillers malt. Hearty, smoky and malty. Peat smoked distillers malt provides the scotch body associated with "Peaty" scotches. Warm and malty, great around the campfire with friends. A unique beer first brewed for members of the Grand Traverse Pipes and Drums.

Pterodact Ale IPA - 7.0%

Our collaboration IPA with Rare Bird Brew Pub in Traverse City. Big floral notes like ripe, juicy grapefruits hanging from towering, aromatic pine trees. Additions of four brisk hop varieties provides a staunch bitterness that lingers nicely in a clean, dry finish. Local whole cone hops galore move the hop flavor of this IPA out of its chair and onto the dance floor, smack in the middle of the spotlight.

Queen Catcher Bourbon Vanilla Bean Mead - 6.0%

A straight mead made with honey from our hives last summer laid down over split whole vanilla beans from Madagascar. Rich and satisfying , certainly one to savor and enjoy in the sun. Raise a glass in a toast to the bees! Sorry no to-go fills.

Queenie's Smoked Chocolate Stout - 7.2%

Cherry wood smoked malt provides the base for this amazing stout.

The sumptuous aroma of sweet cherry wood smoked malt and rich, dark chocolate greets you at the rim of the glass, letting you know you're in for a special experience. Created in memory of a friend's favorite grandmother, Queenie's is brewed with oatmeal, rye and a broad variety of malts all coming together to reflect, albeit in a small way, the warmth, spice, and complexity of its namesake. Silky smooth and balanced with chewy caramel and soft smoke set against subtle hop bitterness, this delightful stout finishes with a warm embrace. Cheers to Queenie!

Red Zeppelin Ale - 4.7%

This robust but light red ale's low ABV at 4.7% makes it a perfect summer sipper. With a vibrant color from roasted malts this ale has a wonderful caramel, slightly sweet flavor with a dry finish. This beer was a new creation, specifically for the taps at Jacob's Farm. Enjoy it at the brewery this summer or out at the farm! Due to the Red's nature, it pairs perfectly with food. The toasty malt flavor works well with cheese like Gruyere. It's balanced nature makes it a great match for all your grilling needs including chicken, burgers, and ribs.

Scarborough Fair - 5.8%

Scarborough Fair is an herb garden in a glass! Inspired by the Simon and Garfunkel song of the same name, our herb beer tribute uses California parsley, sage, rosemary and French thyme to create an immensely complex and malty offering. Enjoy some while working in the garden, add it to soups and stews, or use it in place of boring old water in your poultry brine.

Scottish Moor Heather Ale - 6.5%

Brewed with honey from our hives and whole heather flowers.  A fruity, cozy and easy drinking beer with substantial depth and complexity. Broad appeal comes from a full, silky body and nice hop balance, the heather providing subtle floral notes without being reminded of perfume. Finishes clean with light medicinal heather and fruit with a hint of honey. As always, no flavorings or extracts were used in brewing this beer, the unique flavor and color coming from whole Scottish heather flowers and honey from our own bee hives.

Shinsu Wasabi-Ginger Cream Ale - 5%

This beer is brewed with malted barley and hops, but also with rice. Rice is a big part of sushi and is a common brewing ingredient that also helps keep the body light and crisp. Then we age the beer on fresh root ginger (of course) and then 'lots of WASABI!
The nose is exquisite, and the normal heat you get from wasabi paste is mostly absent. This beer is brewed to be enjoyed it with your favorite Asian foods!

Sleeping Bear Brown Ale - 4.8%

Sleeping Bear Brown is back! Subtle malt flavor is balanced with clean hop character, yielding a nicely rounded flavor profile. Light brown in color with a mildly nutty character, this beer appeals to a wide audience and pairs well with many dishes. One of the first widely distributed craft beers in Michigan, Sleeping Bear Brown was originally produced by Traverse Brewing Company.

Snowbound Chocolate Mint Stout - 6.8%

The original Chocolate Mint Stout. First brewed in 1996 as a tasty beverage to take along on Northern Michigan snowshoeing adventures, Snowbound blends chocolate malts and Michigan whole-leaf peppermint. Nicely balanced, the mint adds crispness to the chocolate without becoming dominant. Easy drinking, it's also a great dessert beer - as an accompaniment, an ingredient (think chocolate mint stout cake), or reduce it down into a delicious sauce to drizzle over fresh ice cream.

Soul Butter Triple IPA - 8.0%

Soul Butter. Oh man... intensely hoppy but not bitter American style triple IPA. Nine separate hop additions, six different hop varieties including local whole cone hops. Aromatic and enormously complex, aggressive hop flavor dominates without bitterness. Late hop additions, including dry-hopping, means that Soul Butter is overcharged with floral, spicy hop flavors.

Stillhouse Bourbon Stout - 7.5%

Our second cask-aged release! Smooth, full bodied stout aged in oak bourbon barrels from the Traverse City Whiskey Co. Woody bourbon in the nose is accompanied by caramel and chocolate roast on the palette. Rich and satisfying, Stillhouse Bourbon Stout is great with desserts or an evening cigar by the fire.

Stink Stank Stunk IPA – 7.0 % - Standard

This New IPA, ST3IPA for short, is heavily dry hopped to give a big floral and lasting nose but we’ve kept the bitterness low to help emphasize that.

Sun Cup Lemon Wheat - 5.2%

Bright, fresh and summery! Slightly malty with bright natural lemon flavor derived from whole fruit insuring a bright, clean citrus flavor without added sweetness. Sun Cup is a summery, thirst-quenching wheat beer that pairs well with seafood and salads, yet has more than enough backbone and character to stand up to grilled foods as well. Try it with a twist or two of fresh, coarse-ground pepper in your glass!

Tai Chi Seven Spice Stout - 8.0%

Warm, aromatic and comforting. Secret blend of ancient spices from Taiwan and China reminiscent of Szechuan dishes make for an intricate flavor profile that you'll only find in a microbrewed, craft beer. Lots of body, warmth and comfort make this a perfect winter beer. Would pair brilliantly with Eastern dishes, or throw some brats in the crock pot and let them simmer in the spicy goodness.

Temple Of Heaven Honey Ginger IPA- 7.0%

Brewed with loads of fresh ground whole root ginger, honey from our south field bee hives, and local hops This IPA has an assertive staunch bitterness that twirls with ginger above the caramel malt body below. Take some home and pair with spicy stir fry!

Terra Forma Sparkling Hard Cider - 6.0%

Now on Tap! Terra Forma Sparkling Hard Cider is a 6% hard cider, made with 100% Michigan Apples. This dry, spritzy, apple character cider will leave you wanting more.

The Crow Black Ale - 5.1%

Halloweenie and delicious, you won't have to trick anyone into liking it. Black as the night, this ale is surprisingly light bodied and easy drinking. Well balanced and smooth with substantial notes of chocolate and caramel, yet far less heavy and imposing than a stout beer. Enjoy The Crow with your favorite holiday treats.

The Northumberland Moderate – 8.0%

Our American version of an English Strong ale, this beer has a well-balanced, hop profile that leads to a substantial malty body. Enjoy this ale with strong cheeses, nuts, or good bread.

Theodore Belgian Tripple - 9.0%

A very special brew for us here at Brewery Terra Firma! Spring of 2019 we decided to try and plant a barley variety suitable for malting and grow it here at BTF in our East Field. Spring turned to summer, we watched the barley grow right from the brewery and beer garden, patiently waiting for the day to harvest. With help from Mug Club Members we harvest the East Field and sent to GT Culinary Oils on Cass where it was cleaned and dried. After the barley goes dormant its time for malting. Our friends over at Great Lakes Malting Co. over on Cass helped us out with this. After a couple weeks a drew date is set and history was made!

 This gorgeous 9% blonde beer is brewed with coriander and goes great with fruity desserts for the holiday season. It is named after Father Theodore whom was one in a long line of Brewmasters at the now world renown Chimay Brewery in Belgium.

Torch Lake Lager – 5.0% - Standard

This great summer quencher is the first lager to make an appearance here at B.T.F.  It’s unfiltered, unpasteurized and hoppy with a brisk and firm bitter foundation.

Torro Tang Cider 5.0%

What The Frank Double Rye IPA - 8.1%

Huge floral hop nose with lots of body for the hops to play off of. Five hop varieties, seven hop additions and a whole mess of rye makes for a big citrus/ pine malt playland. The end product of the Friends of Terra Firma Design a Beer fundraiser. Thanks Frank!

Wicked Garden Honey Rye Beet Wheat - 6.3%

This is the original beet wheat in all its glory. Bright red color and upfront beet flavor greet your first sip, with the flavor seamlessly changing over to feature spiciness from the rye, finally finishing clean with just a touch of honey sweetness. Lots of local goodness with beets from our neighbors at Robbins Family Farm, honey from our own hives, hops from Fresh Roots Organics in Leelanau County, Michigan wheat sourced from Grand Traverse Culinary oils, and barley grown in Kalkaska County and malted at Great Lakes Malting Company. Come drink your veggies!

Wolfhound Russian Imperial Stout - 9.5%

Roasty coffee notes mingling with dark chocolate and fruit. Wolfhound is much like the beast (both the dog and the Empire) for which it's named – A great companion as long as you're mindful of the teeth. The substantial malt character is chewy and warm with rich, roasty coffee notes mingling with dark chocolate and fruit, all perched upon a firm hop profile. The final product is deep and complex with layers and layers of flavor, all culminating in a satisfying finish with slight, malty sweetness.