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Wicked Garden Honey Rye Beet Wheat - 6.2%
Hallow~Giving Honey Oatmeal Pumpkin Ale - 6.3%
Manitou Amber Ale - 5.7%
Soul Butter Triple IPA - 8%
Imperial Soul Butter IPA-13.0%
Grapefruit Soul Butter Triple IPA - 8%
Indigenous Wet Hop Rye IPA  - 6%
Shinsu Wasabi Cream Ale - 5.0%
Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter - 5.3%
Orange Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter - 5.3%
Pineapple Upside-down Sour - 5.5%
Fuzzier Farmer Imperial IPA - 10%
Man in Black Oatmeal Stout - 8%
Little Italy Honey Basil - 5.2%
Sleeping Bear Brown - 4.8%
Batch 500 IPA (nitro and regular!) - 7.5%
SunCup Lemon Wheat - 5.4%
Scarborough Fair - 5.8%
*Northwoods Sodas & Draft Cultured Kombucha too!

Beer Descriptions

Wicked Garden Honey Rye Beet Wheat - 6.2%

Made with locally malted wheat, rye, barley and locally grown beets with honey from our bee hives here on the farm. This one of a kind beer has pronounced beet flavor and earthiness
while finishing with a light hint of honey. We call this one a "two-sipper" as it often takes a second sip to fully appreciate the character of this brew. The astonishing color of this beer makes it
stand out clearly in a lineup.

Hallow-Giving Honey Oatmeal Pumpkin Ale - 6.3%

Smooth and accessible, with an upfront pumpkin character. Featuring local pumpkins and honey harvested from the Brewery Terra Firma farm.  Not your pumpkin-pie-in-a-glass pumpkin ale we brew it with a secret spice blend and only in the FALL after pumpkins ripen. 

Manitou Amber Ale - 5.7%

The original Northern Michigan classic. Malty and hoppy, brewed with four hop varieties including whole cone leaf hops.

Soul Butter Triple IPA - 8.0%

Soul Butter. Oh man... intensely hoppy but not bitter American style triple IPA. Nine separate hop additions, six different hop varieties including local whole cone hops. Aromatic and enormously complex, aggressive hop flavor dominates without bitterness. Late hop additions, including dry-hopping, means that Soul Butter is overcharged with floral, spicy hop flavors.

Imperial Soul Butter IPA-13.0%

“Imperial-izing” our flagship Triple IPA has been something we have been thinking about doing for many years and well, that time has come. We scaled up the malt bill, blew up the IBUs, increased the flavor hop profile ad then added a bunch of our own 2020 honey from our hives in the south field. The results? A big, beautiful hop monster that’s full of body, depth, and laden with complexity. It has a lovely subtle warmth to remind you that it is a big beer. It’s a great beer for a hop head who wants to contemplate the universe and sip for a while.

Grapefruit Soul Butter Triple IPA - 8%

Deliciously amped up grapefruit character is a super fun departure from our flagship Triple IPA. Try some for yourself!

Indigenous Wet Hop Rye IPA - 
6% abv.

Juicy fruit, citrus and small piney notes leap from the glass. Multitudes of multifaceted fresh hops twirl and eddy and finish with a firm and balanced foundation of bitterness while the malt
and rye provide the spicy base.  Multiple varieties of "wet" whole cone hops were hand picked from
our hop yard and walked right into the brewhouse for use in this special Harvest Ale.
Enjoy it while you can, next 
harvest is a year away. 

Shinsu Wasabi-Ginger Cream Ale - 5%

This beer is brewed with malted barley and hops, but also with rice. Rice is a big part of sushi and is a common brewing ingredient that also helps keep the body light and crisp. Then we age the beer on fresh root ginger (of course) and then 'lots of WASABI!
The nose is exquisite, and the normal heat you get from wasabi paste is mostly absent. This beer is brewed to be enjoyed it with your favorite Asian foods!

Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter 5.3%

There's a special magic that happens between chilies and chocolate that was first utilized in ancient Latin America and still weaves its spell today. Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter showcases the perfect balance of chili flavor and warmth combined with dark chocolate. This is not a hot pepper beer

Orange Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter 5.3%

Try this great new twist on our Northern Michigan trailblazing porter. 

Pineapple Upsidedown Sour - 5.5% 

Great depth of character in this unique sour. Not a super sour for starters and sweet pineapple brings out the balance.

Fuzzier Farmer Imperial IPA- 10% 

Amplified Fuzzy Farmer, that we all loved, this farmer is a 10% Imperial IPA. It’s loaded with deep fruity, citrusy hops and a big malt body, Be Careful. A wonderful caramel and chocolate dance. Some of the best things in life are a little decadent. Our tribute
to American music legend
Johnny Cash. 7.0% abv.

Man In Black American Oatmeal Stout - 7%
Man In Black is a classic American Oatmeal Stout with a malty, balanced, chocolate body. Rich
and smooth with mild roast character, this crowd pleaser is a laid back easy drinker.
laid back, easy drinker.

Little Italy Honey Basil Ale - 5.2%

Bright, crisp and refreshing, Little Italy offers up an enticing herbal/floral aroma and early
basil flavors before giving way to a light, clean finish with just a touch of honey.
Produced with whole leaf sweet basil grown here, oats, malt
and honey from our bee hives, this beer is another fine example of a culinary inspired creation
from long time native Brewmaster John Niedermaier.
Great for warm weather cuisine, pairs well with salads, pasta and any tomato dish.

Sleeping Bear Brown Ale- 4.8%

Subtle malt flavor is balanced with clean hop character, yielding a nicely rounded flavor
profile. Light brown in color with a mildly nutty character, this beer appeals to a wide audience
pairs well with many dishes. One of the first widely distributed craft beers in Michigan,
Sleeping Bear 
Brown was originally produced by Traverse Brewing Company.

Batch 500 IPA - 7.3%

A substantial malt body supports copious amounts of whole cone hops. The result is a balanced IPA with plenty of hop character that maintains an excellent balance against the malt. Surprisingly
easy drinking, 
the considerable alcohol content takes a back seat to the broad flavor profile.
Batch 500 was B
rewmaster John Niedermaier's first full scale commercial recipe, brewed back in 1999.

Sun Cup Lemon Wheat - 5.4%

Distinct natural lemon flavor derived from single ingredient juice insures a bright, clean citrus
flavor without added sweetness. Sun Cup is a summer-y, thirst-quenching wheat beer that pairs
well with seafood and salads, yet has more than enough backbone and character to stand up to
grilled foods as well. Try it with a twist or two of fresh, coarse ground pepper in your glass!
we have 4 varieties to choose from.