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William Claude bourbon barrel aged barleywine- 11%
Man in Black American Oatmeal Stout – 7.0%
Brown Donkey Smasher
– 9.0%
Queenies Cherry Wood Smoked Chocolate Stout – 7.2%
Manitou Amber - 5.7%
Hopping Chicken Autumn Harvest Ale – 6.0% 
Indigenous Wet Hop Rye IPA – 6.0% 
Batch 500 IPA - 7.5%
Torch Lake Lager - 5.0%
Torro Tang Sparkling Honey Cider -5.0%
Scottish Moor Heather Ale - 6.5%
Snowbound Chocolate Mint Stout - 6.8%
Soul Butter Triple IPA - 8.0%
Theodore Belgian Tripple - 9.0%
Gladstone APA – 5.9%

Full Description

William Claude bourbon barrel aged barleywine- 11% - Premium

William Claude is our nod to comedian and film super star W.C Fields. It is brewed with rye, barley and a deep specialty malt bill that provides the big body of this 11% haymaker. The exotic hop varieties make its perfect balance interesting and extra flavorful. Then we laid it down in bourbon barrels from Grand Traverse Distillery until the flavor was just right. “A good cast is worth repeating”

Man in Black American Oatmeal Stout – 7.0% – Standard

Man in Black is our nod to music legend Johnny Cash. This American style stout is focused and delicious with chocolate and roast well balanced within. Deep, rich, smooth and satisfying not unlike Johnny's vocals. Enjoy with desserts, sausages or oysters for starters.

Brown Donkey Smasher – 9.0% ­

Donkey Smasher is big, strong, and brown with a good solid kick of hops in the finish. This double brown ale incorporates a variety of grains to enhance fermentability without making the beer excessively heavy. Full flavored and easy drinking with no harsh alcohol flavors or aroma, Brown Donkey Smasher finishes clean and medium-dry thanks to late addition hops. Features local hops from Fresh Root Organics.

Indigenous Wet Hop Rye IPA – 6.0% 

Juicy fruit, citrus, and small piney notes leap from the glass. Multiple varieties of “wet” whole cone hops were handpicked from our hop yard and walked right into our brewhouse for use in this special Harvest Ale. Multitudes of multifaceted fresh hops twirl and eddy and finish with a firm and balanced foundation of bitterness while the malt and rye provide the spicy base.

Batch 500 IPA -7.5%  

A substantial malt body supports copious amounts of whole cone hops. The result is a balanced IPA with plenty of hop character without being overpowering. Easy drinking, the considerable alcohol content takes a back seat to the broad flavor profile. Fun fact, this is the first full scale commercial batch of beer that John designed himself and then brewed.

Manitou Amber Ale – 5.7% 

The original Northern Michigan classic. Malty and hoppy, brewed with four hop varieties including whole-cone leaf hops. 

Torch Lake Lager – 5.0% 
This great summer quencher is the first lager to make an appearance here at B.T.F.  It’s unfiltered, unpasteurized and hoppy with a brisk and firm bitter foundation. 

Torro Tang Cider -5.0%

Made with local Macinosh apple juice from Bee Well Meadery in Bellaire, and honey from our own bee hives located on our south field! This cider is light and easy to drink and goes great with ribs, fish or pork. Just a hint of sweetness, perfect for autumn!

Hopping Chicken Autumn Harvest Ale – 6.0% 

Brewed with whole-cone hops, this sumptuous, chestnut-hued beer is perfect for transitioning into fall. Comfortable, medium body with slight hints of toasty bread, chocolate and coffee. Pair it with fall-harvest dishes, or enjoy one while reveling in the aroma of fallen leaves and wood smoke around an evening campfire.

Queenies Cherry Wood Smoked Chocolate Stout – 7.2% 

The sumptuous aroma of sweet cherry wood smoked malt and rich, dark chocolate greets you at the rim of the glass, letting you know you’re in for a special experience. Created in memory of a friend’s favorite grandmother, Queenie’s is brewed with oatmeal, rye and a broad variety of malts all coming together to reflect the warmth, spice and complexity of its namesake. Silky smooth and balanced with chewy caramel and soft smoke set against subtle hop bitterness, this delightful stout finishes with a warm embrace.

Scottish Moor Heather Ale - 6.5%

Brewed with honey from our hives and whole heather flowers. 6.5%. A fruity, cozy and easy drinking beer with substantial depth and complexity. Broad appeal comes from a full, silky body and nice hop balance, the heather providing subtle floral notes without being perfumy. Finishes clean with light medicinal heather and fruit with a hint of honey. As always, no flavorings or extracts were used in brewing this beer, the unique flavor and color coming from whole Scottish heather flowers and honey from our own bee hives.

Snowbound Chocolate Mint Stout - 6.8%

The original Chocolate Mint Stout. First brewed in 1996 as a tasty beverage to take along on Northern Michigan snowshoeing adventures, Snowbound blends chocolate malts and Michigan whole-leaf peppermint. Nicely balanced, the mint adds crispness to the chocolate without becoming dominant. Easy drinking, it's also a great dessert beer - as an accompaniment, an ingredient (think chocolate mint stout cake), or reduce it down into a delicious sauce to drizzle over fresh ice cream.

Soul Butter Triple IPA - 8.0% 

Soul Butter. Oh man... intensely hoppy but not bitter American style triple IPA. Nine separate hop additions, six different hop varieties including local whole cone hops. Aromatic and enormously complex, aggressive hop flavor dominates without bitterness. Late hop additions, including dry-hopping, means that Soul Butter is overcharged with floral, spicy hop flavors.

Theodore Belgian Tripple - 9.0%

A very special brew for us here at Brewery Terra Firma! Spring of 2019 we decided to try and plant a barley variety suitable for malting and grow it here at BTF in our East Field. Spring turned to summer, we watched the barley grow right from the brewery and beer garden, patiently waiting for the day to harvest. With help from Mug Club Members we harvest the East Field and sent to GT Culinary Oils on Cass where it was cleaned and dried. After the barley goes dormant its time for malting. Our friends over at Great Lakes Malting Co. over on Cass helped us out with this. After a couple weeks a drew date is set and history was made!

 This gorgeous 9% blonde beer is brewed with coriander and goes great with fruity desserts for the holiday season. It is named after Father Theodore whom was one in a long line of Brewmasters at the now world renown Chimay Brewery in Belgium.
Gladstone APA – 5.9% American style pale ale brewed exclusively with locally grown hops. Wonderful “go to” beer that stands up to many types of food, including BBQ and Creole.