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Manitou Amber Ale -5.3%
Karma Palace IPA - 5% 
Dry Hopped Karma Palace IPA - 5%
Soul Butter III IPA - 8%
Sun Cup Lemon Wheat - 4.8%
Scarborough Fair - 5.8%
Double Brown Donkey Smasher - 9%
Sleeping Bear Brown - 4.6%
Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout Sour - 7.5%
Four Leaf Stout - 4.3% 
French Roast Coffee Stout - 4.3%
William Claude Barleywine - 11%
Little Italy Honey Basil - 5.2%
Watermelon Honey Basil - 5.2%
America Pale Ale - 4.8%
Torch Lake Lager - 5%
Crop Circle India Pale Lager - 8% 
Red Zeppelin Ale- 4.7%

*Northwoods Sodas & Draft Cultured Kombucha too!


KaiAndy Cider - 5%

Beer Descriptions

Manitou Amber Ale - 5.3%

Unfiltered American Amber Ale. Manitou has a rich, soft malt body, beautiful deep amber color and finishes with a bouquet of whole cone hops. Manitou was at one time one of Michigan's most widely recognized micro brewed brands. Originally produced by Traverse Brewing Company in Williamsburg Michigan, Manitou is now brewed in Traverse City, on the same equipment, with the original recipe by the same brewer. One of our flagship brews, you can find this beer at on draft and in 16 oz cans throughout our distribution area.

Karma Palace IPA - 5%

Aromatic, easy going and satisfying beer. Five soft, intricate hops prevail without the bother of all that bitterness. Named in memory of the abode of a group of theatrical geniuses that existed in Traverse City in the 1980's. It's 5%, nice and hoppy with a modest bitter foundation and lots of great flavor from the dry hopping but this time we brewed it with grain from Great Lakes Malting just around the corner too. Try a dry hopped version on cask! 

Soul Butter Triple IPA - 7.0%

Soul Butter. Oh man... intensely hoppy but not bitter American style triple IPA. Nine separate hop additions, six different hop varieties including local whole cone hops. Aromatic and enormously complex, aggressive hop flavor dominates without bitterness. Late hop additions, including dry-hopping, means that Soul Butter is overcharged with floral, spicy hop flavors.

Sun Cup Lemon Wheat - 4.8%

Bright, fresh and summery! Slightly malty with bright natural lemon flavor derived from whole fruit insuring a bright, clean citrus flavor without added sweetness. Sun Cup is a summery, thirst-quenching wheat beer that pairs well with seafood and salads, yet has more than enough backbone and character to stand up to grilled foods as well. Try it with a twist or two of fresh, coarse-ground pepper in your glass!

Brown Donkey Smasher – 9.0% ­

Donkey Smasher is big, strong, and brown with a good solid kick of hops in the finish. This double brown ale incorporates a variety of grains to enhance fermentability without making the beer excessively heavy. Full flavored and easy drinking with no harsh alcohol flavors or aroma, Brown Donkey Smasher finishes clean and medium-dry thanks to late addition hops. Features local hops from MI Local Hops.

Sleeping Bear Brown Ale- 4.6%

Subtle malt flavor is balanced with clean hop character, yielding a nicely rounded flavor profile. Light brown in color with a mildly nutty character, this beer appeals to a wide audience and pairs well with many dishes. One of the first widely distributed craft beers in Michigan, Sleeping Bear Brown was originally produced by Traverse Brewing Company. Brewed with MI Local Hops and malt from Grand Traverse Malting Company.

Scarborough Fair - 5.8%

Scarborough Fair has not been brewed here since our Grand Opening 9+ years ago and is our nod to music legends Simon and Garfunkel. This herbal beer is, as you would think, brewed with Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme and it’s a great beer for the Thanksgiving season! It's a wonderful, savory substitute for the water you put in your stuffing and it makes a great marinade too. Try it in your crockpot and "set it and forget it" dishes like roasts or oven baked ham liquid. (oh and you can just drink it too)

Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout Sour - 7.5%

Our Man In Black aged in barrels from Grand Traverse Distillery.  This beer, very similar to Johnny Cash himself, took on a life of its own. Man In Black is a classic American Stout with a malty, balanced, chocolate body. This rendition is a classic sour with hints of apple. A perfect sipper or a great blend with our Snow Owl Dry Cider. Careful though, when blending, it goes down fast and the ABVs will sneak up on you.

Four Leaf Stout - 4.3%

This is truly an easy drinking stout. It's well rounded, chocolatey flavors provide a full bodied beer that can be drank all day. At 4.3% ABVs you still get the robustness of a stout without the fullness that can come with it. Great to mix with our Barley Wine for a black & tan. Perfect for cooking with too. Have in on regular tap or nitro! 

William Claude Barleywine - 11%

William Claude is our nod to comedian and film super star W.C Fields. It is brewed with rye, barley and a deep specialty malt bill that provides the big body of this 11% haymaker. The exotic hop varieties make its perfect balance interesting and extra flavorful.  “A good cast is worth repeating”

InfiniBee Honey Blonde Ale - 5.3%

A perennial favorite, InfiniBee is brewed with honey harvested from our hives here on the farm at the end of the 2022 season. Light, crisp, and flavorful with subtle honey aroma and just a touch of sweetness, the depth of flavor present in this deceivingly pale and bright ale will surprise you. The balanced addition of brisk hops assures a clean, thirst-quenching and satisfying finish. 

Pterodact Ale IPA - 7.2%

Our collaboration IPA with Rare Bird Brew Pub in Traverse City. Big floral notes like ripe, juicy grapefruits hanging from towering, aromatic pine trees. Additions of four brisk hop varieties provides a staunch bitterness that lingers nicely in a clean, dry finish. Local whole cone hops galore move the hop flavor of this IPA out of its chair and onto the dance floor, smack in the middle of the spotlight.

Little Italy Honey Basil Ale 5.2%

Bright, crisp and refreshing, Little Italy offers up an enticing herbal/floral aroma and early basil flavors before giving way to a light, clean finish with just a touch of honey. Produced with whole leaf sweet basil, oats, malt and local honey from Hilbert's Honey Bees, this beer is another fine example of a culinary inspired creation from Brewmaster John Niedermaier. Great for warm weather cuisine, pairs well with salads, pasta and any tomato dish. Try our watermelon infused version! 

America Pale Ale 4.8%

The America Pale Ale used to be brewed for 3 Northern Michigan restaurants nearly 20 years ago at Traverse Brewing and it's back! It's a lovely crisp and clean American Pale Ale w/ a tiny bit of hops in the finish and was designed to go great with all kinds of different foods like, spicy hot, smoky BBQ, crisp salads, seafood, deserts, fruits & veggies and everything in between.

Torch Lake Lager – 5.0%

This great summer quencher is the first lager to make an appearance here at B.T.F. It’s unfiltered, unpasteurized and hoppy with a brisk and firm bitter foundation. As we like to say, Torch Lake Lager is as refreshing as a dip in the lake itself. True indeed. Brewed with barley malted around the corner at Great Lakes Malting. It's smooth and laid back hoppy goodness makes it perfect for the beach, boat or just as an easy go-to with friends around the campfire.  It pairs perfectly with pretty much everything. Try it with some sharp cheeses, fresh vegetables, hot dogs, spicy ribs & tacos. It's versatility is endless but unfortunately summer isn't so enjoy it now.

Crop Circle India Pale Lager (IPL) - 8%

Celebrate 10 years of sustainability with us and a pour of Crop Circle IPL.
The nose is citrus & pine but a sip in and you're enjoying the firm hop bitterness that controls the substantial, straw colored malt body. This beer has heft and complexity and as you go the hops get busy but don't completely hide the alcohol lingering in the background. That's a good thing, you don't want to wake up wondering where the last 10 hours went. We brewed this green beauty with local malt from Great Lakes Malting here in Traverse City, many varieties of complex hops, our own artesian spring water and clean lager yeast. 

Red Zeppelin Ale - 4.7%

This robust but light red ale's low ABV at 4.7% makes it a perfect summer sipper. With a vibrant color from roasted malts this ale has a wonderful caramel, slightly sweet flavor with a dry finish. This beer was a new creation, specifically for the taps at Jacob's Farm. Enjoy it at the brewery this summer or out at the farm! Due to the Red's nature, it pairs perfectly with food. The toasty malt flavor works well with cheese like Gruyere. It's balanced nature makes it a great match for all your grilling needs including chicken, burgers, and ribs.

KaiAndy - 5%

This perfectly sweet summer cider includes 6 apple variations providing it with a fruity complexity with ginger undertones. Our juice for this cider comes from Pux Cidery where they source their apples from their 160 year old family farm. Renamed 988 during National Suicide Prevention Week. We wish to bring awareness to the hotline anyone can call at anytime when in crisis.