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Sustainably Produced Craft Beer
Ethel The Frog ESB - 5.5%
InfiniBee Honey Blonde - 5.3%
Sleeping Bear Brown - 4.7%
Red Zeppelin - 4.7%
Vanilla Red Zeppelin - 4.7%
Gladstone APA - 5.9%

Man In Black American Oatmeal Stout - 7.0%
Lizard King IPA Noir Reg Draft- 7.3% 
Manitou Amber Ale - 5.7%
Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout Sour - 7.5% 
Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter - 5.0%
Pineapple Upside Down Sour - 6.0%
Cask Conditioned Beez Nutz Coconut Blonde - 5.7%
*Northwoods Sodas & Draft Cultured Kombucha too!

House-Made Ciders 

Goodfellow's Hard Cider 5.8%

*We make our own ciders from Michigan apples w/o sulphites!

Local Kombucha & Sodas

2 rotating draft kombuchas from Cultured Kombucha regularly

Bottled Northwoods Sodas 

Local Munchables 

Shortie's Sweet & Savory Shortbreads

Natural Northern Foods dips & spreads:

Cherry Jalapeño Spread
Asiago & Spring Onion Spread &
Original Fishtown Whitefish Pate
Bubbie’s Bagels chips included $10!

Great Lakes Potato Chips

Beer Descriptions

Ethel The Frog ESB - 5.5%

Extra Special Bitter with pronounced hop flavor. Malt and caramel body with a wonderful hop "Flying Circus" mouth feel. True to the Extra Special Bitter style, Ethel The Frog is brewed using rich, flavorful malts that provide a substantial, smooth bodied beer. Ethel then veers to the left just a bit and deviates from the style slightly by using non-traditional hop varieties. The use of these hops provides the beer with more up-front hop aroma and flavor, as well as subtly enhanced bitterness in the finish. Named after a somewhat obscure Monty Python skit. 

InfiniBee Honey Blonde Ale - 5.3%

A perennial favorite, InfiniBee is brewed with honey harvested from our hives here on the farm at the end of the 2018 season. Light, crisp, and flavorful with subtle honey aroma and just a touch of sweetness, the depth of flavor present in this deceivingly pale and bright ale will surprise you. The balanced addition of brisk hops assures a clean, thirst-quenching and satisfying finish. 

Sleeping Bear Brown Ale - 4.8%

Sleeping Bear Brown is back! Subtle malt flavor is balanced with clean hop character, yielding a nicely rounded flavor profile. Light brown in color with a mildly nutty character, this beer appeals to a wide audience and pairs well with many dishes. One of the first widely distributed craft beers in Michigan, Sleeping Bear Brown was originally produced by Traverse Brewing Company. 

Red Zeppelin 4.7%

Our famous Red Ale is perfectly balanced and designed for summer weather and the food that follows. Look for it's easy drinking goodness around the Northwoods including at Jacob's Farm just outside of town. 

A new vanilla R&D version is on tap at the brewery now too! 

Goodfellow's Hard Cider 5.8% 

Our straight cider is made with Michigan apples from our friends at Pux Cider.  

We make all our own ciders in house w/o sulphites.

Man In Black American Oatmeal Stout 7.0% 

MIB is loaded with dark rich caramelly malts like chocolate and roast but is beautifully balanced, silky and satisfying.
16oz 4-packs available too! 

Gladstone APA 5.9%

Gladstone American Pale Ale is brisk & perfectly balanced with just a little bit of flavor hops & bitterness to keep it light and refreshing on a sunny day, it's snappy, satisfying character stands up to loads of wonderful summertime foods.

Lizard King IPA Noir Reg Draft 7.3%

This black IPA was first brewed in the 90's at Traverse Brewing Company making it one of the early versions of this, then, new style. Most black IPAs have gone by the wayside but when we re-introduced it here at Terra Firma it was an instant favorite. Carefully designed with many dark malts and hops, it satisfies on many levels. 

Manitou Amber Ale - 5.7%
Manitou is one of the best known early Craft beers here in Michigan and the 1st in Traverse City.
It's balanced malty goodness was responsible for turning folks on in the Grand Traverse Region to great beer 30 years ago.  

Pineapple Upside Down Sour - 6.0%

Sweet, tart and delicious this juicy sour will make a believer out of you. 

Pair it with fresh fruit, strong cheeses and sourdough breads. 

Barrel Aged Oatmeal Stout Sour - 7.5%

Our Man In Black aged in barrels from Grand Traverse Distillery.  This beer, very similar to Johnny Cash himself, took on a life of its own. Man In Black is a classic American Stout with a malty, balanced, chocolate body. This rendition is a classic sour with hints of apple. A perfect sipper or a great blend with our Snow Owl Dry Cider. Careful though, when blending, it goes down fast and the ABVs will sneak up on you.

Ancho Chili Dutch Double Chocolate Porter 5.0%

Decadent, rich chocolate malt, Dutch chocolate and whole Ancho chilis give an amazing depth to this NOT HOT beautiful porter. A Northern Michigan classic, pair it with venison chilli or raw oysters!