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Hoodwink Orange Marmalade Wheat - 6.0%
Black Orchid Vanilla Porter 6.8%

SnowBound Mint Chocolate Stout - 6.5%

Shinsu Wasabi Cream Ale - 5.0%

Torch Lake Lager - 5.5%
Pineapple Upside-down Sour - 5.5%
Man In Black Oatmeal Stout - 7%
4 Leaf Irish Stout - 4.6%
Lizard King IPA Noir 6.7%
Manitou Amber Bourbon Sour – 5.7%
Sun Cup Lemon Wheat - 5.4%
Imperial Soul Butter IPA-13.0%
Infinibee Honey Blonde Ale - 5.5%
Manitou Amber Ale - 5.7%
Fuzzier Farmer Imperial IPA- 10%
Temple Of Heaven Honey Ginger IPA  - 7%
Hallow-Giving  Pumpkin Ale - 6.5%
Beet Wheat Honey Ale - 6.3%
Cherry Ripe Mead - 5%

Beer Descriptions

InfiniBee Honey Blonde Ale - 5.3%

A perennial favorite, InfiniBee is brewed with honey harvested from our hives here on the farm at the end each harvesting season. Light, crisp, and flavorful with subtle honey aroma and just a touch of sweetness, the depth of flavor present in this deceivingly pale and bright ale will surprise you. The balanced addition of brisk hops assures a clean, thirst-quenching and satisfying finish.

Soul Butter Triple IPA - 8.0%

Soul Butter. Oh man... intensely hoppy but not bitter American style triple IPA. Nine separate hop additions, six different hop varieties including local whole cone hops. Aromatic and enormously complex, aggressive hop flavor dominates without bitterness. Late hop additions, including dry-hopping, means that Soul Butter is overcharged with floral, spicy hop flavors.

Shinsu Wasabi-Ginger Cream Ale - 5%

This beer is brewed with malted barley and hops, but also with rice. Rice is a big part of sushi and is a common brewing ingredient that also helps keep the body light and crisp. Then we age the beer on fresh root ginger (of course) and then 'lots of WASABI!
The nose is exquisite, and the normal heat you get from wasabi paste is mostly absent. This beer is brewed to be enjoyed it with your favorite Asian foods!

Snowbound Chocolate Mint Stout - 6.8%

The original Chocolate Mint Stout. First brewed in 1996 as a tasty beverage to take along on Northern Michigan snowshoeing adventures, Snowbound blends chocolate malts and Michigan whole-leaf peppermint. Nicely balanced, the mint adds crispness to the chocolate without becoming dominant. Easy drinking, it's also a great dessert beer - as an accompaniment, an ingredient (think chocolate mint stout cake), or reduce it down into a delicious sauce to drizzle over fresh ice cream.

Manitou Amber Bourbon Sour – 5.7% 

Traverse City’s 1st Craft Beer is now Terra Firma’s 1st sour beer.

Manitou’s malt forward body and underlying hop foundation makes it great as a sour.

Aged in oak barrels from our friends at Grand Traverse Distillery.

Imperial Soul Butter IPA-13.0%

“Imperial-izing” our flagship Triple IPA has been something we have been thinking about doing for many years and well, that time has come. We scaled up the malt bill, blew up the IBUs, increased the flavor hop profile ad then added a bunch of our own 2020 honey from our hives in the south field. The results? A big, beautiful hop monster that’s full of body, depth, and laden with complexity. It has a lovely subtle warmth to remind you that it is a big beer. It’s a great beer for a hop head who wants to contemplate the universe and sip for a while.

Manitou Amber Ale - 5.7%

Unfiltered American Amber Ale. Manitou has a rich, soft malt body, beautiful deep amber color and finishes with a bouquet of whole cone hops. Manitou was at one time one of Michigan's most widely recognized microbrewed brands. Originally produced by Traverse Brewing Company in Williamsburg Michigan, Manitou is now brewed in Traverse City, on the same equipment, with the original recipe by the same brewer. One of our flagship brews, you can find this beer at on draft and in 16 oz cans throughout our distribution area.

Fuzzier Farmer Imperial IPA- 10% 

Amplified Fuzzy Farmer, that we all loved, this farmer is a 10% Imperial IPA. It’s loaded with deep fruity, citrusy hops and a big malt body, Be Careful.