Farm to Brewery to Farm

Brewery Terra Firma is a production brewery, tap room, and MAEAP certified farm located on 10 acres in Traverse City, Michigan. We produce delicious, culinary-inspired beers using sustainable methods, including an innovative water capture system in our brewhouse that has allowed us to reclaim over 230,000 gallons of water from the manufacturing process for reuse as irrigation and fertilization on our farm crops.

We even harvest our waste BTUs from our fermenters and refrigeration systems to heat the building during the cooler months.

Stop by our taproom to sample our beers, or find us throughout Michigan at your favorite taverns and restaurants. We have locally-made snacks and sodas available for purchase, or you are welcome to bring along a home cooked meal, carry out, or order in!

Brewery Terra Firma
2959 Hartman Road
Traverse City, MI 49685


12:00 pm – 8:00 pm  Sunday 

12:00 pm- 8:00pm Monday
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm  Tuesday
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm  Wednesday
12:00 pm – 10:00 pm  Thursday
pm – 10:00 pm  Friday
pm – 10:00 pm  Saturday

Recent Additions

Manitou Amber Bourbon Sour – 5.7%

Traverse City’s 1st Craft Beer is now Terra Firma’s 1st sour beer.

Manitou’s malt forward body and underlying hop foundation makes it great as a sour.

Aged in oak barrels from our friends at Grand Traverse Distillery.

Little Italy Honey Basil 5.2%

Bright, crisp and refreshing, Little Italy offers up an enticing herbal/floral aroma and early basil flavors before giving way to a light, clean finish with just a touch of honey. Produced with whole leaf sweet basil, oats, malt and BTF Honey, this beer is another fine example of a culinary inspired creation from Brewmaster John Niedermaier.

Gladstone APA - 5.9%
Unfiltered American style Pale Ale, featuring all local hops. While the market is saturated with pale ales, Gladstone's unique character allows the hops to provide a spicy, satisfying palate cleansing finish, while still allowing the underlying malts to provide the foundation. This go-to pale ale also has the distinction of being brewed with 100% locally grown hops. Gladstone pairs with many foods including spicy grill smoked ribs, bratwurst, Thai or even just a simple salad. Named after a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Batch 500 IPA - 7.3%
The Batch is is back, and it's chock full of local hop goodness! A big, complex, well-balanced IPA with a bold hop character that isn't overpowering. This beer has an extensive malt bill and multiple hop additions, including local hops from Fresh Roots Organic Growers. Surprisingly easy drinking, the considerable alcohol content takes a back seat to the broad flavor profile. Batch 500 was brewmaster John Niedermaier's first solo commercial recipe, first brewed back in 1999.

Gigi Chocolate Orange Stout- 6.6%

We brew this unique and luscious beer with fresh orange zest, single ingredient juice and a careful blend of dark chocolate malts so that the juicy flavor and delicate aroma of fresh oranges wafts from your glass.

Savor it slowly and relax.