A very special brew for us here at Brewery Terra Firma! Spring of 2019 we decided to try and plant a barley variety suitable for malting and grow it here at BTF in our East Field. Spring turned to summer, we watched the barley grow right from the brewery and beer garden, patiently waiting for the day to harvest.  With help from Mug Club Members we harvest the East Field and sent to GT Culinary Oils on Cass where it was cleaned and dried. After the barley goes dormant its time for malting. Our friends over at Great Lakes Malting Co. over on Cass helped us out with this. After a couple weeks a drew date is set and history was made! 

 This gorgeous 9% blonde beer is brewed with coriander and goes great with fruity desserts for the holiday season. It is named after Father Theodorew whom was one in a long line of Brewmasters at the now world renown Chimay Brewery in Belgium.