We are Brewery Terra Firma, Michigan’s first agricultural brewery. Since 2013, we have been growing some of the ingredients for our beer on our 10-acre MAEAP certified farm, reusing byproducts and energy from the brewing process, setting a new standard in sustainability for others to follow, and supporting our community and people.Hop Yard

Producing our own ingredients is only half the story of the farm. Of equal benefit is the recycling and reuse that the farm allows us to do. Each batch of beer uses up to 900 pounds of grain which becomes a food-grade byproduct after use. Instead of going to a landfill, our spent grain is spread on the fields to improve our soil. Further, a 400 gallon batch of beer will generate 1200 gallons or more of high organic content waste water. While this waste water wreaks havoc with municipal waste treatment plants and septic systems, it turns out to be just the thing for our farm. Every bit of water that we use during the brewing process that does not end up as beer is captured and reused for "fertigation", serving as both irrigation and a natural fertilizer for our crops. This program was developed in partnership with the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and includes regular monitoring and testing to insure that all nutrients are being utilized and not creating problematic runoff. Since opening in 2013, we've reclaimed over 185,000 gallons of water and applied it to our crops!

The BreweryThe other major opportunity for conservation that we identified was the capture and reuse of "waste" heat. Heat is generated by the brewing equipment, biological activity in the fermentation process, and somewhat counter-intuitively, by the refrigeration system. Excess heat from the brewing process is harvested and used to heat water for cleaning the equipment at the end of the day, and also used to preheat water for the next brew. Heat from fermentation and refrigeration is captured via a heat pump and heat exchanger, and then sent through the in-floor heating system in our taproom during the cooler months. Through most of the fall, winter and spring, we're able to keep our taproom nice and toasty on reclaimed heat alone!

Brewery Terra Firma began brewing operations in May of 2013, with the taproom opening to the public in July of the same year.

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